The 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Has Started. Are You Ready?

The Atlantic Hurricane Season has officially started, even though Sub Tropical Storm Alberto beat it by a week, when it formed May 25, 2018. So, we are off to an early start. The good news is early season storms are usually weak. We can use them as a good call to attention, if the 2017 hurricane season wasn’t enough.

I am a big advocate of weather safety and mitigation. Almost all weather deaths and injuries are preventable. Education, awareness and some basic safety tips go a long way in making us more prepared and resilient, when it comes to dangerous weather – big and small.


A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get the word out on being prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. Candace Anderson was one of many people I had the pleasure of meeting. If you want more information on being better prepared, visit her site and watch the six minute interview:


Here are the links mentioned at the end of the interview:


If you want the latest on tropical forecasts, visit the National Hurricane Center: