Hazard Planning


As one of the few people in the world certified both as a consulting and broadcasting meteorologist, Mark McGinnis is a weather hazard planner specializing in helping companies build weather hazard plans constructed to:

  • Increase employee and customer safety
  • Minimize disruption of business
  • Strengthen business continuity plans
  • Reduce insurance claims
  • Lower litigation exposure
  • Enhance stature in the community

Keeping You Prepared for Tornadoes, Floods and more Severe Weather

McGinnis helps simplify the weather hazard planning process by helping you establish the most sensible plan for tornado preparedness and other similar emergencies.

Services Offered:

  • Comprehensive Weather Hazard Plan
  • Weather Shelter Inspections and Analysis for Buildings
  • Weather Safety Training for Staff
  • Tornado/ Weather Drill Assistance
  • Weather Communications Review
  • Notifications on Disruptive Days
  • Snow and Ice Management Best Practices

If you own a commercial property, public venue, sports arena, school, church, municipality, health facility, or other private or public institution, establishing a weather hazard plan with Fair Skies Consulting secures your facility’s safety.


Are you prepared for really bad weather?