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Do you need rainfall information? For example, how much estimated rain fell at a location on a specific date? NOAA’s Advanced Hydrologic Predication Service allows you to search rainfall by date and location. You can look at this data on a national scale or you can zoom into county scale. Like the domain, you can also scale the time to look at one day rainfall, a week, month or year.


Are you looking for hurricane or tropical storm information? Do you need to know if a storm passed near a specific location on a specific date? Use this portal to find your answers. This NOAA resource is a significant database on all tropical systems in the Atlantic Ocean Basin. You can search by storm name, year, category, pressure and location. You can search for multiple storms or even multiple years.

Storm Prediction

If you are interested in finding reports of hail, tornados and wind, this is where you want to be. The Storm Prediction Center of NOAA collects reports of hail, tornado and wind events across the United States. This portal allows you to type in the date(s) in question and plots all of the hail, wind and tornado reports across the United States for that date. It also produces a table with the county location, town location, intensity (sometimes, but not always) and time of event.

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