Mark McGinnis is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist and Certified Broadcast Meteorologist who possesses over twenty years of experience analyzing technical weather data and communicating its impact to the public.

Meteorologist Mark McGinnis has over 25 years of experience in meteorology, media, and weather mitigation. He has forecast major weather events like hurricanes, blizzards, tornados, floods, heat waves, arctic cold, drought and severe weather. He has experience in many areas of the country with unique climates from coastal and mountainous regions to the great plains. Founded in 2013, Fair Skies Consulting provides expert witness services for legal cases across the United States, corporate consulting and research, and weather mitigation work for entities and communities.

Mark has had the privilege to serve on several professional boards such as the American Meteorological Society’s Board of Certified Consulting Meteorologists (Chaired), The Association of Certified Meteorologists, The Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association, and the Southeast Wisconsin Homeland Security Partnership.

Mark McGinnis is a trusted meteorological name to add credibility to your legal case.