Severe Weather Planning for Local Waukesha Church

“After a heavy thunderstorm hit during a Sunday morning church service, setting off rare winter tornado warnings in surrounding communities, we realized we had no idea how we would keep members of our congregation safe if we ever needed to take cover. With a sanctuary and narthex full of windows and an outdoor wall in nearly every room, we knew we needed a comprehensive review of our building and a plan developed that would show us how the people who use our church could best be protected in a storm. Mark visited our church, explored and photographed every room, closet, office and gathering space, asked questions about how, when and by whom our church was used and transformed his notes and pictures into a detailed but easily understandable severe weather policy, complete with pictures and a guideline page of various weather threats and what we should do in each situation which were immediately posted throughout our church. Thanks to Mark’s thorough and efficient efforts, we had a workable emergency plan in place well before the onset of Wisconsin’s unpredictable summer weather and now all groups who gather in our space have access to the knowledge that will keep them safe regardless of any severe conditions outside.”

– Kim Dutelle, President, Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, Waukesha, WI