Two Wisconsin School Districts became StormReady in 2021. Pewaukee School District was designated StormReady by the National Weather Service at their school board meeting May 24, 2021. East Troy Community School district earned their designation September 27, 2021.

StormReady is template of best practices developed by the National Weather Service and utilized to mitigate deaths, injuries and destruction from weather events, including but not limited to severe weather. The core principles of StormReady are:

  1. Designating the best shelters in structures
  2. A comprehensive weather hazard plan
  3. Increasing communication capabilities to receive weather alerts and to trigger alarms
  4. Enhanced communication with the local National Weather Service Forecast Office
  5. Annual weather safety training

This process takes, under normal circumstances, twelve to eighteen months. However, due to Covid-19 designation was delayed by another eighteen to twenty four months.

Fair Skies Consulting worked with John Stangler of the Pewaukee School District along with Bob Ellis and Andy Daniels of the East Troy Community School District. Both school districts met or exceeded the standards of StormReady as reviewed by National Weather Service Warning Coordinating Meteorologist Tim Halbach.

Fair Skies Consulting has led six Wisconsin school districts to StormReady designation by the National Weather Service. Several more school districts are in process of the designation.

Why is StormReady designation important? In 2020, more than 150 schools in the United States were heavily damaged or destroyed by weather. In 2021, the number of schools heavily damaged or destroyed by weather exceeded 500. That isn’t a typo – 500 schools. Since we can’t prevent destructive weather, how we prepare and respond is critical to mitigating the threat. StormReady provides the tools to mitigate that threat.

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