Weather Hazard Planning Services

Assembling a Weather Plan for Municipal Buildings & Events

Fair Skies Consulting helps prepare you for weather well beyond this week. Being responsible for buildings housing businesses, offices, schools, or construction sites is a big deal. At Fair Skies Consulting, we cannot stress enough the importance of being fully prepared for the worst. Weather hazard planning not only helps you establish a safe and concrete plan when weather becomes severe, but it also benefits you by:

  • Enhancing stature & respect in the community
  • Increasing the safety of employees & customers
  • Lowering litigation exposure
  • Minimizing the disruption of business during passing severe weather
  • Reducing insurance claims made by injured employees & customers

Severe Weather PlanningPreparing a plan for emergency weather events like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, ice storms, and blizzards not only help protect you legally, but is essential in protecting those who work for you.

All types of occupied buildings should have a weather hazard plan in place. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting an outdoor event or you own a home—weather hazard planning services gives you an answer when the tornado or hurricane sirens start going off.

You never know when the next severe storm will strike. Are you prepared?

Build a Weather Hazard Plan for Your Business or Office Building

When a tornado watch is in place, business is still booming. For the average business and office building, it takes a tornado warning to effectively shut down a work site. If your business or office building is one, two, three, or seven stories, you need a weather plan in place to protect your employees. Knowing the strength of your structure and how different types of weather affects your building requires a lot of extensive research – unless you let Certified Consulting Meteorologist Mark McGinnis to do the work for you.

Building a Weather Plan for Construction Jobsites

If your business or office building hasn’t been constructed yet, you may be in the process of establishing a construction site. If this is the case, you already know the effects weather can have on progress. One day you think construction will be done in a year and three years from today you may be putting the final touches on the new building or highway you’re building. Setbacks come in many forms, but one of the most hazardous include severe weather.

When constructing high rise buildings, planning for lightning strikes is important in preventing lightning fatalities. If your employees are going to be hard at work this summer, don’t leave them unprepared. Contact us NOW and get prepared.

Emergency Planning Services for Schools

When schools lie in the path of a wicked storm, school officials, teachers and students must be prepared. Whether you need a weather hazard plan for flooding, tornadoes, or hurricanes, Mark McGinnis has the experience and certification you’re looking for when you need an expert to concept a weather hazard plan for your school.

It doesn’t matter if you work with elementary, middle, or high school students. An official plan for weather is necessary to avoid chaos when a hurricane or flooding strikes.

Preparing for the Worst: Outdoor Events & Weather Planning

A large gathering + severe weather is a formula for disaster. There’s no excuse when it comes to outdoor events. Every festival should have a weather plan in place, even if it isn’t required. To legally protect yourself and to protect the lives and health of those attending your large event or festival, contact Mark McGinnis for professional weather planning services!

Don’t risk it — contact Fair Skies Consulting today so we can build you a weather plan for your business, office building, construction jobsite, school, or outdoor event!

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