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Aside from predicting the weather, what exactly do meteorologists do? It’s more than identifying clouds or predicting snowfall totals. Meteorology requires vigorous analysis of historical trends, past weather data and, most importantly, how climatology affects:

  1. The day-to-day financial operations of your business
  2. How weather influences the events involved in a court case
  3. Weather planning in all public and private entities

Fair Skies Consulting provides a number of consulting services for businesses, schools, sports arenas, outdoor events, insurance companies, legal firms, commercial properties and much more—from the smallest sole proprietorships to international corporations.

Superior Weather Expert Witness Testimony for Court Cases

Mark McGinnis is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist and Certified Broadcast Meteorologist who possesses over twenty years of experience analyzing technical weather data and communicating its impact to the public. Forensic meteorologist Mark McGinnis serves as an entirely objective expert witness for making unbiased, strictly analytical assessments of a situation for both plaintiffs and defendants in legal cases where weather has played a factor, such as:

  • Slip and fall trials
  • Personal injury lawsuits
  • Criminal cases
  • Construction/transportation suits

With an intimate knowledge of National Weather Service products, dual pole radar analysis, public speaking, graphics preparation, and experience in high pressure situations, forensic meteorologist Mark McGinnis uses his background as a broadcaster to effectively and professionally communicate his findings in a courtroom—to paint the clearest objective picture for the judge and jury.

His credibility will strengthen the validity of the information he’s presented in the case, as he is a member of a number of meteorological administrations, societies, associations and government agencies, including:

  • The American Meteorological Society (AMS)
  • The National Weather Association (NWA)
  • The National Council of Industrial Meteorologists (NCIM)
  • The Southeastern Wisconsin Homeland Security Partnership (SWHSP)
  • The Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association (WSSCA)
  • The Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials (WASBO)
Certified Severe Weather Planning Service

Has past weather caused damage to your building or injury to your employees? Are you concerned about how underprepared your company is regarding severe weather safety? A Weather Hazard Plan (WHP) is essential to limiting the liability of any business, company, or corporation in the anticipation of both severe and non-severe weather with the potential of harming people and property.

Expert Weather Planning from the World’s Best

As one of the few people in the world certified both as a consulting and broadcasting meteorologist, Mark McGinnis is a weather hazard planner specializing in helping companies build weather hazard plans constructed to:

  • Increase employee and customer safety
  • Minimize disruption of business
  • Reduce insurance claims
  • Lower litigation exposure
  • Enhance stature in the community

Keeping You Prepared for Tornadoes, Floods and more Severe Weather

McGinnis helps simplify the weather hazard planning process by helping you establish the most sensible plan for tornado preparedness and other similar emergencies. If you own a commercial property, public venue, sports arena, school, church, municipality, health facility, or other private or public institution, establishing a weather hazard plan with Fair Skies Consulting secures your facility’s safety.

Past Weather Data Analysis and Comprehensive Weather Forecasting

Before you expand your company or business, knowing how weather in potential locations affects sales and the costs of business is extremely important for your continued success.

Mark McGinnis performs systematic computation research and modeling on present and past weather data to quantify exposure and opportunity to an area’s specific climate. This customized business forecasting will give you the opportunity to reduce inefficiencies and identify areas of growth when analyzing both your current building of operation’s location and the potential placement of another.

1/3 of GDP is Weather Dependent—Are You Ready?

All businesses are impacted by weather. Has your business been analyzed to quantify the financial impact? How much exposure do your employees, customers, production and distribution have to weather? Can revenue be increased by knowing and planning ahead versus reacting? Is acting 12 to 72 hours before a weather event a competitive advantage?

Fair Skies Consulting offers customized forecasting services tailored to your business. Your entire business is assessed for specific weather threats—from production to the consumer. A specific integrated analysis focuses on identified weather threats and sensitive geographic locations. The result: your company is better prepared and can move forward with confidence and a strategic advantage.